WIWW: So, I caved.

Welcome back to What I Wore Wednesday from sunny Florida, where less is more all summer long.

pleated poppy

YOU GUYS. I am embarassed/excited to tell you that, for the first time ever, I ventured into Forever 21. At the mall. On a Saturday.


It was… kind of frazzling. The loud music, the whippersnappers, the total lack of organization. However, I did find a pair of pants that I LOVE, a t-shirt, and a ring, (for less than $33!) so that’s something.

Friday I used my assistants to make me look good:


I think Hollyn is showing us a variation of bunny ears known as “moose antlers.” Maybe they’re jazz hands. I don’t know.

Monday I wore my new pants:

So sassy!

Have a lovely week.



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10 responses to “WIWW: So, I caved.

  1. Great pants! I’ve never actually bought anything from Forever 21. Whenever I’ve gone in there, it’s been mobbed with teenage girls, so I glance around and leave. I should spend a little more time in there next time and try things on. Everybody gets cute clothes from there.

    • Windy Taylor

      You have to think of it like shopping at Goodwill, and be prepared to hunt for things. If I was going to do it again, I would bring earplugs, and have wine waiting for me at the exit.

  2. Love your new pants! And what a cute picture with your adorable “assistants!!” Plus, you can never go wrong with jazz hands. 🙂

  3. Melesa Garrison

    What a cute family! I love the red pants too 😉 “Hollyn” Love that!

  4. Stylish and sassy…a wonderful combination! I’m going to go with jazz hands!

  5. creamyclothes

    So cute! Great job with venturing to F21. That store stresses me out a bit, but I always find great cheap things so I go again 🙂

  6. Windy Taylor

    There should be some sort of “extreme mall combat” merit badge….

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