WIWW: Re-Entry Edition

It’s time for another round of What I Wore Wednesday.

pleated poppy

I did not get good pictures every day, because I was traveling, although to my horror, several people at my college reunion asked if I had enough outfit pictures for my blog.


On Friday, Tyler and I flew to Massachusetts and then changed for dinner:

That’s my friend Amy. We met on approximately that spot in August of 1998. Amy studies regret. I hope the two are not related.

Saturday I wore my homemade maxi dress all day (and managed to get zero pictures of it, and wore this black seersucker dress at night:

Sunday we were invited to two outdoor parties, so I stayed comfortable:

Monday involved a delayed flight, an airplane landing in a tropical storm, and a harrowing drive from Jacksonville to Tallahassee in the same storm. I wore a t-shirt and yoga pants, I’m not going to lie.

Tuesday I was back to work. The cane was our class gift at Reunion. Yup.

And today I’m re-acclimating to our tropical climate:

Have a great week.


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One response to “WIWW: Re-Entry Edition

  1. Robyn

    I LOVE the photo with you and Tyler. That’s a fabulous dress and you look absolutely gorgeous in it.

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