I shall call her “Gertrude”

I cannot resist the siren call of free furniture, even when the furniture in question is of the office variety.

Internet, meet Gertrude.

Gertrude is an elephantine filing cabinet that my office was going to donate to Goodwill (can you believe it?!). She weighs approximately four bajillion pounds and cannot be killed by conventional means.

I have dealt with heavy office furniture before – last year I transformed a printer cabinet into a respectable storage piece.

She doesn’t have drawers, like a regular filing cabinet – OH NO. Those panels are hinged at the top, and slide into the cabinet, and inside are trays that slide out.

We’ve had Gertrude for two weeks now. She’s still empty. I have so many ideas – for the inside and the outside – that I can’t settle on just one. I would like to make the exterior look less office-tastic with some paint and a stencil (or vinyl decals). I think I will use it to store photographs and memorabilia – yearbooks and old journals and whatnot. There will be plenty of room left over for, perhaps, papercrafting supplies or sewing patterns or knitting books. The possibilities, they are endless.

Gertrude is currently lurking in the corner of our guest room/office, which keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list of Things That Need Fixin’.

To be quite honest, I’ve been running short on motivation/time/funds to complete projects recently. I’m hoping that Gertrude, the elephant in the room, will help me clear this particular speed bump.


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