What I Wore Wednesday

It’s time once again for What I Wore Wednesday, now with even more cash prizes!

pleated poppy

Thursday: I love this shirt. It’s lightweight, and comfortable, and always surprises me by matching more than I think it will.

And yes, there’s my flower pin again.

Friday I went basic – khakis, white tee, scarf. So I accessorized with the kids:

See that somewhat-crazed, almost-the-end-of-school gleam in their eyes? Yeah, me too.

Monday I wore one of my favorite work dresses. It’s so easy to throw on. Of course, there’s the flower pin again. Hey, it was a new week.

Tuesday I woke up early for a run (it’s getting too hot to run after work, plus we’re getting to the time of year where you can set your watch by the late-afternoon thunderstorms) so I went with something comfortable:

And blurry. Comfortable and blurry.

Have a lovely (and in-focus) week!


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One response to “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. creamyclothes

    I love that dress! So cute.

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