WIWW: Thunderstorm Season

And now for another round of What I Wore Wednesday, where men are men and women are creatively-attired.

pleated poppy

Thursday: This is a pretty typical work outfit. Trousers, tank, cardigan, flats. Done and done.

Friday I had to choose an outfit that would take me from work to a 2-hour drive to Jacksonville and out to dinner. The name of the game was comfort. And safety. (Actually, it appears the name of the game was “Target.”)

Saturday we went to St. Augustine for the afternoon. I wore my homemade dress and it was super-comfortable in the 90+ degree heat:

Tyler was angry in this picture because he had been excited to see the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine again. But as we approached, he got all flustered. “The last time we were here,” he exclaimed, “those lions were ENORMOUS and GOLDEN! And now SOME IDIOT has MESSED THEM UP!!” (I assure you, those lions were never golden, as they are marble, and were never any bigger than they are now. I think maybe Tyler had a dream about the bridge? I don’t know.) Tyler started to walk up the bridge, saying that he was going to check to see if the lions on the other side were the ENORMOUS and GOLDEN lions of his memory. As he approached the top, the drawbridge went up, thwarting him.

Tuesday: another typical day at the office. Skirt, tank, cardigan, flats.

This morning we had a bit of an incident at our house. Someone ran over the transformer box in our yard, knocking out power to the street. No power, no picture!


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  1. Love the pretty green top! That second look is my favorite!

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