WIWW: Mayday, Mayday!

Welcome back to What I Wore Wednesday, which has been clinically proven to put thicker, more luxurious hair on your chest.

pleated poppy

Thursday I chose a treasure from my latest Goodwill adventure. The size tag had been removed – which means it’s an automatic size 2. That’s, like, a rule.  I even added that flower pin that I made, for fun.

Friday I wore a skirt that I got on our honeymoon in Mexico. It’s one of those convertible skirts that you can also contort into a halter dress, but for work I kept it in skirt mode.

As previously reported, the weekend was nothing but trains and outhouses, so we’ll skip right over that and go to….

….Monday. I bought this scarf at a fair trade store in Thomasville, GA, and I’m having kind of a hard time wearing it. It’s linen, so it’s fairly fluffy and looks very unseasonable wrapped around my neck several times. So I went with this.

Tuesday I once again made use of my flower pin. Can you tell I’m quite a fan?

And today I caved to the 90+ temperatures and wore a skirt:

Stay cool out there, kids.


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