38 Hours to the Waffle House

Over the weekend we went camping with the Cub Scouts, to Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park. Every time we leave our driveway for one of these trips (usually at 5:00 on Friday), I start my internal countdown. “In 38 hours I will be at the Waffle House, eating hash browns.”

After that, every time that something goes awry, or when Other People’s Children get on my nerves, I take a deep breath and check my watch. “It’s OK. In 36 hours I will be at the Waffle House, eating hash browns.”

We arrived on Friday night and set the tent up just as darkness fell. It was around that time that we discovered that the 80 campers of Pack 23 would be sharing this:


Saturday morning everyone wakes up early, and the nicest campers get up and make coffee. One of the few things I do enjoy about camping is the coffee – there’s something very peaceful about sitting in the early-morning chill of the woods, drinking a cup of the fresh stuff.

After breakfast the pack boarded the SAM Shortline, which departs from the park. Our first stop was in blink-and-you-miss-it Plains, Georgia, where apparently nothing has happened since Jimmy Carter was elected President.

After that we rolled on to Archery, GA, where Jimmy Carter’s boyhood home/farm has been maintained as it was in the Depression.

There were chickens.

Jimmy Carter was also there, giving a talk to another group. We couldn’t get close, but we could hear and see him from the yard.

Then we loaded up the train for the long ride back.

Saturday evening was low-key – we relaxed at the tent, helped prepare dinner, and then had a campfire with skits, songs, and s’mores.

Sunday morning we packed up the car and then, OH YES, we found a Waffle House. And OH YES, there were hash browns.

The camping part gets easier every time. We’ve purchased camping gear a little at a time, and by now we have almost everything we need to be comfortable. And camping with a group provides some level of safety net in case you forgot something. And I certainly appreciate the IDEA of escaping the TVs and the video games to spend some time in the woods. As long as the children remain enthusiastic about camping trips, I’m happy to go.

Otherwise, find mama a hotel.



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  1. Robyn



    Also… I have that hairbrush!

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