WIWW: Just playing, May.

A friend e-mailed me last week after reading my whining about Aviary (the new photo editing program in Flickr). She pointed me to PicMonkey, which was apparently started by ex-Picnikers, or grown in a lab, or something. So I gave it a try, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER than Aviary. It’s very similar to Picnik, and very user-friendly. Go forth and enhance!

pleated poppy

Can you tell the week was getting to me? By Friday I was quite run-down.

Things got a good bit better after Jason suggested that Tyler and I meet him in Thomasville for dinner. He was on his way back from witness interviews in Valdosta, and we had a very pleasant family date.

I changed into something more festive:

Saturday I was awarded extra points in the field of Accessories, for turning an otherwise-uninspiring outfit into something more fun. Unfortunately, it proceeded to be chilly and rainy most of the afternoon. Boooo. Hisssss.

Monday came early, and the forecasted high was just under 70 degrees.

Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat and sinus pressure.

But I dragged myself to work anyway – partly because I have a crazy work ethic and partly because I enjoy the screams of my hypochondriac co-workers.

Wednesday I woke up S-I-C-K, so no picture.

Hopefully I’ll be all fixed next week.



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4 responses to “WIWW: Just playing, May.

  1. I like your style. šŸ™‚

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