WIWW: In which we skip April entirely, and it’s May Flowers everywhere.

The weather this week has been beautiful – clear and sunny, but not oppressively hot.

pleated poppy

Wednesday night, I thought to myself, “SELF! You must wash the tablecloth on the dining room table!” And then realized to do that I’d have to 1) finish the sewing project I had been procrastinating on, 2) put all my sewing gear away, and 3) THEN I could remove the tablecloth.

Well, I got through step one.


Yup, I made another one of those dresses. They’re so easy, and comfortable. This one turned out even better than the first one – I made the waist higher and the sash narrower.

Friday I paired a pale pink tank (under a black tee) with coral shoes. I was unsure at first, but I think I like it.

I used to hate pink in all its forms. Last year I embraced pale pink, and this year I am rather in love with Ann Taylor Loft’s “Summer Plum,” which is a dark raspberry color.

(Chi Chi approves.)

Tee and Tank: Ann Taylor Loft
Khakis: Dockers
Shoes: Target

Monday I dressed up for work:

Shell & Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Pencil Skirt: Target
Shoes: Shoe Station

Tuesday I went…. in the totally opposite direction:

All Target, All The Time

Aaaaaand Wednesday:




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3 responses to “WIWW: In which we skip April entirely, and it’s May Flowers everywhere.

  1. I think the pops of pink and coral go nicely!

  2. Found your blog through WIWW. What cute outfits – my favorite is the first one and the last. I’m kinda obsessed with maxi dresses, and I love that you made yours!

    Happy Thursday to you.

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