WIWW: Easter

Welcome back to What I Wore (Thursday through) Wednesday, where I share ridiculous photographs of my questionable sartorial choices for your amusement. I’m your host, Windy.

pleated poppy

For the record: I am not a fan of Aviary, which is apparently replacing Picnik for Flickr users. Where are my font choices? Why does “enhance” make me look like a plague victim? BAH.


Thursday. Gun Show. BOOM.

A very fashionable friend of mine used to take big square scarves and roll them up for use as belts. I love this idea and stole it mercilessly.

Friday we were just two pirates in search of something to plunder:

Sunday was Easter.

Monday I went back to work on too little sleep and not enough quality time with my flat-iron.

Tuesday my photographer and I took things outside.

Wednesday it cooled off considerably, so….pants.

See you next time.


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2 responses to “WIWW: Easter

  1. Nice guns! Love the dresses. So pretty.

  2. I love those Dockers! They look so comfy like something I bought from New York & Co. recently. I think the plaid skirt and the blue dress are my favorite looks šŸ™‚

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