WIWW: Sweaters are a Distant Memory

We had our first solidly-above-90 day this week. That means it’s only 6 weeks until the pool is warm enough for me to get in!

pleated poppy

Thursday I busted out my ankle pants. I don’t wear capris – I find them stumpefying (on me) and kind of middle aged. Plus then you HAVE to shave your legs. Ankle-length pants leave just enough of a question – did she or didn’t she?

Friday I again paired my green khakis with a yellow sweater, but this is a pointelle cap-sleeve cardigan. Because it’s already hot here.

Monday: I found this top a couple of years ago at Goodwill. It’s orange linen with gold embroidery, and it’s suuuper comfortable. For work I paired it with dark trouser jeans and brown wedges.

Close-up of embroidery:

Tuesday was Dress Like Your Pet day. In this photo, you will notice Ron doing his best chameleon impression as he attempts to blend in with the floor:

Wednesday I busted out my Salute to Spring Coral Shoes.

I also wore other clothes. Just to be clear.

Have a warm week!


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