Quick Fix

My previous two residences did not feature fireplace mantels, so I have been somewhat stumped by this one.

This is a photo from the real estate listing. The previous owners leaned a mirror on the mantel and hung candle holders on each side:

It’s….fine. Some people are strongly anti-mirror-over-mantel, and this photo illustrates why – all you can see is the reflection of the fan (or fan’s shadow), which is no good. Also, I’m not ready to hang things on that wall (See: Holes in Drywall, Fear of). I don’t find it particularly offensive, but I wanted something with a bit more personality.

This is how things were looking at the beginning of this week:

I bought that pineapple finial thing several weeks ago at an estate sale. I thought it was tall enough not to get lost on the mantel, and might act as a nice balance to the apothecary jar. (Note: Long-range plans include Large Art to hang over mantel.)

I loved the size and shape of the pineapple, but its drab faux-distressed cream finish made it almost invisible against the wall.


So I called up my friend color. Thankfully, he didn’t have any plans.

Awaiting Execution (of my plan).

I used Rustoleum’s “Eden,” a lovely apple green.

Aaaaannddd……. SHAZAM

After drying overnight it was ready to be re-introduced into the wild.

Much better, yes? I think so.


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