This week I dressed in period costumes inspired by Downton Abbey.

OK, I didn’t, but wouldn’t that be amazing???


pleated poppy

On Thursday I wore my favorite Goodwill find from last weekend, a raspberry-colored velvet blazer. I had one of those YES moments in the fitting room, which rarely happens to me:

And look! It has a single sparkly button:

On Friday I wore pants that…. need to be hemmed. However, I was so psyched that they fit (no gap in the back!) that I couldn’t wait for hemming. They’re Dockers Metro Wide-leg, and I might go back and get them in every color.

“But Windy, they’re JUST PANTS.” I know that. But they’re PROPER-FITTING PANTS. Huge difference.

Saturday I accessorized with a friend’s baby:

Tuesday I wore my velvet blazer again, because I was stuck at the courthouse and it’s freezing there.

And this morning my photographer had the shakes. Or I am actually out of focus. That would be interesting.

Have a lovely week.



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4 responses to “WIWW:

  1. Anna

    Fabulous jacket! Goodwill FTW!!!

    I am now very excited to try me some Dockers Metro. No gap at the back, amazing! In a similar vein, I recommend Levi’s new Curve ID jeans–four different fits that take into account hip vs waist measurements. The Bold Curve pants left me giddy with delight and four new pairs of jeans. Woot!

  2. Great jacket. I’ve been seeing a lot of people with jackets lately. Makes me think I need to find one for myself.

  3. LOVE your Goodwill jacket. Gotta love a great GW score. Love the necklace in your out of focus outfit. My 4 yo made one of my pics this week and I turned out headless. lol

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