WIWW: Branching Out

Since my super-fancy text tags got the thumbs-up from my buddy Tonya, they’re staying.

pleated poppy

Thursday: This outfit was a bit experimental (although, really, it’s denim and neutrals, but I’ve never worn these pieces together before).

Friday: This was the morning after my first yoga session with Tyler. Doesn’t he look peaceful and serene? And also adorable?

Saturday afternoon was Tyler’s Blue & Gold ceremony for Cub Scouts (where he officially moves up in rank). We were outside for about 4 hours. Also, I had to blow-dry my hair instead of use the straightening iron, which is why it looks like a puffy mushroom.

On Sunday afternoon I made a shopping pilgrimmage. Most of the time, I avoid non-online shopping like the plague because I hate crowds and disappointment. I especially struggle with pants, my nemesis. Size X is too small in the hips, and size X+1 is too big in the waist. I have had a great deal of luck with Ann Taylor Loft’s Julie fit, but almost no luck anywhere else.

I’ve also gotten really tired of typing the same three stores into WIWW posts – Target, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft. Lather, rinse, repeat. I went to a department-type store and then to Goodwill, and ended up with three tops and a pair of khakis (after trying on about a dozen pairs, and shedding many tears of frustration).

So, on Monday, I busted out one of my GW finds:

That top, originally from Chico’s, is a size 2. Vanity sizing FTW! 

Tuesday I wore an older dark plum cardigan I got at Eddie Bauer:

And on Wednesday I wore another Sunday purchase – a sunny yellow cardigan.


See you next week!


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