Glimpse: An Open Letter to Jason’s Ex-Wife


 As you know, on the afternoon of February 15, during Jason’s parenting time, you requested and were allowed to pick both of the girls up early from school in order to take Jensen to a doctor’s appointment at 3:00. You requested and were allowed to continue to spend time with the girls until 7:00 p.m., at which point you dropped them off at my house.

 You started calling them around 8:00 p.m. Jason was involved in a mediation that was running late. When you could not reach the girls on Jason’s phone, you decided to call my cell phone. Jason told you not to call my phone, to wait until he got home so you could talk to them. You ignored him and continued to call my phone at least two more times. Later, you claimed that these calls were “dropped” or “disconnected.” The first call occurred while Jensen was taking a bath, so I did not answer. The subsequent calls were ignored because they were excessive and harassing. I allowed the girls to call you back on my phone at around 9:15, at which point you continued to complain to Jason over e-mail, while he was still attending the mediation.   

You claimed in one e-mail, “I get my one phone call.” This is not jail. You do not have the right to harass and repeatedly call me because you are impatient. You had just spent over four hours with the girls. It had been just over an hour since you dropped them off. There was absolutely nothing urgent or pressing that you needed to discuss with them. Yet you felt that your “right” to a phone call should take precedence over everything and everyone else, including Jason’s job and my sanity. 

So I’m putting you on notice – until you can learn to behave like an adult, and use the phone in an appropriate and reasonable manner, you are not permitted to call my personal cell phone. Any calls from you to me will be declined or will go unanswered. If a situation ever arises wherein you are given explicit permission to call the girls on my phone (including, but not limited to, Jason losing his phone or a similar circumstance), you are allowed to call one time. If you call more than once, you will not get a return phone call.

I trust this is sufficiently clear.  



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