Not Bad for a Muggle

Today is Jensen’s eighth birthday. This past weekend, she had two friends over for a Harry Potter-themed sleepover. Now, I love a good theme party, but I hate spending money. A quick search on the internet reveals that some other HP fans do not have the same qualms – I saw everything from reptile wranglers to full-on family room makeovers for children’s birthday parties.

After dialing my expectations back to “realistic,” here’s what I came up with:

As promised, I made popcorn bowls out of paper plates.


Instead of folding the edges in, I glued them to the outside, because we liked the look of them better. The kids took markers and decorated each of the seven bowls as one of the HP movies. 

Each child got a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and a pair of round spectacles (made from black pipe cleaners). A quick Google search told me where to find the Hogwarts crest, a free Harry Potter font, and the proper text of the letter.

Tyler and Hollyn took it upon themselves to whittle wands for everyone, using sticks from our yard.

We had to improvise a bit with our Sorting Hat….

….but no one seemed to mind.

Then, of course, there were these little babies:

The butterbeer cupcakes turned out wonderfully – a bit sweet for my taste, but the kids loved them.

Go ahead, look closer:

Yes, the cupcake wrappers correspond to the four Hogwarts houses. What?

Jensen was thrilled with her flower headbands. She recruited Tyler to help model them:

Happy Birthday, Jensen! And, for old times’ sake, my very first picture of her, from October 2007 (with Bailey, who is also starting to show her age):



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2 responses to “Not Bad for a Muggle

  1. This looks wonderful and so creative! I am sure all the kids had a great time!

  2. Kat

    How did you make the bowls? That is clever and I love the look of them, I tried looking on YouTube but didn’t find anything about how top make them.

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