How Piiiiiinteresting: Fabric Flower Headband

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to actually attempt some of the projects I have pinned, instead of just salivating over them.

I’d seen a ton of fabric flower tutorials on Pinterest, so I gathered up a few and made some samples. This one, from Cherry Street Cottage, yielded the most adorable little flowers. The directions were clear, the video was helpful, and no steps were skipped. Bravo.

But what was I going to do with an adorable little flower? I am neither adorable, nor little, nor flower-like.

I decided to make a headband for my stepdaughter’s eighth birthday. She loves sticking things in her hair – bits of ribbon, gum, glitter, whatever.

I found an adorable fabric that will look great with her brown hair and brown eyes. It was $2.00 in the remnant bin! I also picked up a set of two hairband elastics that matched:

I cut the fabric into 2″x18″ strips, and started rolling up flowers.

I made six flowers – three for each headband. I glued three flowers to a strip of the fabric (I didn’t want them bunching or pulling apart on the elastic).

And then I got out a needle and thread and sewed the whole thing to the headband.

And then I repeated that with the teal headband.   

I couldn’t help but try one on.

Total project cost: $4.00

Success of Pinterest idea-into-reality: 100%

Happiness: 11



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2 responses to “How Piiiiiinteresting: Fabric Flower Headband

  1. Really beautiful and original: love it!

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