Pinterest Presents: Harry Potter Sleepover

My stepdaughter Jensen is turning 8 next week, and she wants to have a Harry Potter-centric sleepover at our house this weekend. We’ve got most of this covered – all 7 books, all 8 DVDs, and Harry Potter Scene It (the game). So I turned to Pinterest for a couple of projects that would make the evening more special.

1. Paper Plate Popcorn Bowls

This tutorial from SarahHearts yields cute little popcorn bowls, which the girls can use while they’re watching the movie.

We already have plain white paper plates, and plenty of ribbon to glue around the outside. Maybe one for each Hogwarts house? Better yet, let them decorate them before the movie starts.

2. Butterbeer cupcakes

Let’s face it. I’m making these for me.

I am considering a few other fun little projects, but those are Top Secret. I’ll have a full report on Monday. 

Hopefully none of my projects turn out like this:


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