WIWW: The Playoffs

The playoffs – that time of year when the Jaguars’ season is usually over, and the End of Football for the season is imminent. Sad times, man. Sad times.

pleated poppy

Thursday: I just love the gray and pink, don’t I? And I love, love, love that scarf. Also, I love THE GUN SHOW.

Shoes: Bare Traps
Trousers, Tee: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan, Scarf: Target

Friday: in which Tyler singlehandedly jinxes the Bronco’s chances…

Shoes: Converse/Target
Cords: Ann Taylor Loft
Sweater: Urban Thread/J. Crew

Tuesday: It was a fleece tights kind of day.


Shoes: Target
Tights: Shoe Station
Dress: Lole, from Zappos
Scarf: Gift

Aaaaaand Wednesday: I recycled this outfit but added a white tank under the shirt, both for a pop of non-color and also to add a little warmth.

I also added a Tyler for warmth. Let me state for the record that it was already 60 degrees when we left the house, yet he insisted on wearing that hooded jacket. Sigh.

Shoes: Shoe Station
Cords, tank: Ann Taylor Loft
Shirt: Target



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3 responses to “WIWW: The Playoffs

  1. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Renee Zellweger? Because you totally do in these pics! So cute. Glad your daughter is being smart with her fashion choices so far!

  2. You are just the cutest thing! Thank you for leaving such an awesome comment on my lil catch all…visiting from Akreativeknack…By the way I am absolutely in love with your kermit green coat! LOVE it!

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