Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny: A Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom is small. Not “on the small side,” but small. Not counting the shower enclosure, the bathroom measures 5 feet x 5 feet.

Can you feel the walls closing in?

This is what it looked like when we moved in (the first time):

It had been remodeled, and I really liked the flooring and fixtures they chose, especially the decorative metal tile band in the shower:


In fact, after the fire, the only thing we changed was the color on the walls and the shower curtain. We also added an outlet by the sink. But in such a small space, those changes made quite an impact.

The biggest challenge was storage. We perched things precariously on the back of the toilet, and I brought in a narrow black plastic rolling cart that I’ve had since college. We used that for toiletries and hair devices, but there was nowhere to store extra toilet paper, soap, or any of the other things we run through on a weekly basis.  

The only area suitable for a storage solution was the 20-inch-wide strip of wall directly across from the toilet, and I planned to maximize the space by going tall.

I looked at Goodwill, vintage stores, and Craigslist. I couldn’t find anything that was narrow enough, or shallow enough, or with the “right” space – I briefly considered a tall narrow dresser, but the drawers were too shallow to hold a hairdryer or toilet paper.

So I did something crazy. Something I never do.

I paid full price.

I KNOW. But the cabinet I found was the right size and shape, and looks just perfect in the space. Also, I had a gift card, so it was technically free.


So here’s what the bathroom looks like now (on a good day):

There isn’t any room for decorative fluff, but I would like to get some amusing art to hang above the toilet, and have had my eye on several pieces over on Etsy that may have to come live with us, like this one. I’d also like to get something classier than miniblinds for the window, but for now function wins out over form.

No bathroom of mine would be complete without my bathroom cow, who lived in the bathroom of my first apartment, and every bathroom I’ve had since then.


She watches me brush my teeth. So?



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6 responses to “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny: A Master Bathroom

  1. It’s a tiny jewel. I love the design, and the great details. Nicely done.

  2. Joanne Kietur

    Love your bathroom! Check out Hobby Lobby maybe for something to go over the toilet. They have lots of neat little things. Jaime and I bought a few things to decorate the babys room there last night. Half price!

  3. gail brent

    You’ve done a great job decorating that bathroom….Love the shower curtain and also the storage cabinet. We’re looking for something like that for our master bath. I totally know how frustrating the search can be……
    We have 30 inches to play with. Where did you find yours? It’s so perfect, even at full price…’s so worth it!!

  4. Ok, so youre bathroom is small. It’s also adorable. 🙂

  5. I have a teeny master bath as well, so I feel your pain. Though at least yours is completely adorable. Mine is a bad 90’s nightmare in which everything is blue. And not in a cute way :/

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