Pinterest Presents: Christmas Wrap-Up

In my quest for thrifty and quick Christmas projects, I turned (like many of you) to Pinterest. I thought I’d share some Inspiration/Reality examples.

Salt Dough Ornaments

I used Katy Elliott’s tutorial and followed the directions exactly. After cutting and baking (and cooling), I let Tyler paint them.

Her version:

Tyler’s version:

I think we definitely get points for style. There was also this guy, who had to be hung near the bottom/back of the tree because he didn’t turn out quite as envisioned:

The Angel of Death Sees All.

I bought a box of 20 cookie cutters (half off!) for this project, but already had the dough ingredients and the paints. So the total cost was $5.00 and I can certainly re-use the cutters.

Epsom Salts

I have seen a ton of really interesting projects using epsom-salts-as-snow, and thought I’d give it a try.

Sand & Sisal has a good example:

For my take, I shopped my closets. I started with burlap and table runners from our wedding, in apple green and deep teal. Then I grabbed a big white platter and some glass vases, votive holders, and candles. I scoured my front yard for pretty pine cones.

Still unsatisfied, I bought a package of jingle bells, a bag of fresh cranberries, and of course the Epsom salts. Here’s my finished project:

I was very happy with the way the textures interacted – the rough pine cones and smooth jingle bells, the rough salt and the smooth cranberries.

I think the Epsom salts were $4.00 for the box, but I only used about 1/3 of it. Same with the cranberries – $4.00 for the bag, but there were a ton left over. The jingle bells were $6, but will definitely be re-used. So we’ll call this a ten-dollar project.

Fabric-Covered Wreath

Oh, how I wanted to make the Lima Bean Wreath. We have a black front door, and it would have looked just perfect. But…. I ran out of time. I just didn’t have a spare few hours to glue lima beans onto a wreath form, I’M SORRY.

Instead I was inspired by this wreath, from The 36th Avenue:

I scored a pretty big straw wreath form for $3.00 at Hobby Lobby (with coupon), and cut more fabric from that sheet I bought at Goodwill to cover it. I used more leftover-wedding burlap to make a bow/star/thing and also whipped up two rolled fabric rosettes. I wish the bow/star/thing had been more cooperative, but you know what? I don’t care. From the street it looks just fine.

Voila, a $3.00 wreath. They say you get what you pay for….

Next year: Lima Bean Wreath. I swear it.


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