Christmas on a Dime

This year we’re celebrating a minimalist Christmas, as many of our Christmas decorations – including our tree, wreaths, garlands, and lights – were destroyed in the fire.

This used to be a wreath.

Fortunately, nothing motivates me more than “(fill-in-the-blank) on a tight budget.”

I completed two small projects this weekend:

First, I was inspired by this link from Pinterest to use tomato cages and mini lights to make door-flanking “trees” for the front porch. I think the example picture featured more strings of lights, but I was pleased with my result:

Tomato Cages: $3.50 each
Mini Lights (2 sets of 50 per cage): $3.00
Total Cost: $13.00

Second, I was really impressed by the Pumpkin Pie Spiced Almonds that I made for Thanksgiving, and decided to make a big batch to package up for last-minute gifts. I already had all the ingredients, except for the almonds, on hand.

I bought 12 jelly jars ($10) and 3 bags of almonds ($3.99 each). Then I found a green plaid queen-sized sheet at Goodwill for $4.99. I already had kitchen twine and cardstock at home, so the total cost of the project was $2.25 per jar, AND I have a ton of leftover green plaid fabric:

Next week: I make a Christmas tree out of leftover pipe cleaners. Kidding. Maybe.






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