The Final Countdown

I realized something very important about myself yesterday: I AM TIRED OF LIVING OUT OF BOXES. I feel like I’ve been doing it since April, when we started packing up to move to the new house.

This weekend, for the LAST TIME, OMG, we packed up our belongings at the rental house and started moving them back to the new house. Again. Since the interior is not quite ready, we made a sort of cardboard Tower of Babel in the sunroom, and another one in the garage.

I would do some yoga to relax, but my DVDs are….. in boxes.

On the other hand, we have floors now. We chose Georgia Pecan by Shaw, and I could not be happier with it. I think my favorite floor/color combo is in Tyler’s room:

This is the dining room/living room (same floor color, I swear):

 I just need to make it to Wednesday. Jason and I are escaping Tallahassee for the Thanksgiving holiday, because we 1) don’t have any of the children and 2) booked the vacation months ago, when it was not entirely clear that the house would be done in time (and did not want the stress of worrying about it). 

And yes, the packing list for the trip includes a case of wine. Why?


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