When we heard that the cabinet guy had started hanging the cabinets, we were thrilled.

We were not as thrilled when I walked into the house last night and saw that by “hanging the cabinets,” someone meant this:

In fact, I would not have been any more surprised if I’d walked into the kitchen and seen a body hanging there. Yes, that is the bank of upper cabinets, tied up with an electrical wire that is hanging out of the ceiling. That wire is in no way designed or meant to hold the weight of a cabinet overnight.


We normally don’t bother the contractor with little things, but this caused us enough concern to call him. He was livid and immediately drove to the house. “In 25 years of building houses, I have never seen something so stupid,” he said.  The underling who actually did this idiotic piece of work has been banned from the job site.

Never a dull moment at the under-construction house.


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