Last week, over at the under-construction house (no longer the burnt-up house!), the walls and ceilings went up.

Family Room, Thursday:


Family Room, Friday:

And so on Saturday (and Sunday!) we finalized our paint colors. Turns out it’s quite intimidating to pick out all the colors for all the rooms, all at once. Especially when you don’t have floors or furniture or light fixtures.

Most of the living areas (foyer, hall, living room, family room, kitchen) will be Sisal by Martha Stewart Living, which is a nice neutral khaki color. You can see it here (on the bottom) with our first runner-up, Cozy Cottage by Behr:

I really wanted to like the Cozy Cottage, but it was just too yellow when applied to the wall. Having moved from a house that was painted, inside and out, with the Yellow Paint of Much Despair, and having watched almost every mid-2000s episode of “Trading Spaces” where some designer opens a can of paint and declares, “We’re going to use a soft, buttery yellow!” I am TIRED OF YELLOW WALLS. My Pinterest boards are swathed in grays, turquoises, plums, and greens.

The other question mark in our paint line-up was the master bathroom. The bedroom will be painted a medium gray. The bathroom is TINY, and the walls are tiled halfway up in white, so I wanted to try something colorful. My first attempt was a rich purple…..that looked like dried blood on the walls. Oops. We finally settled on Zen, by Behr, which looks great with the pewter accent tiles:

We are positively hurtling towards the finish line on this involuntary whole-house renovation.

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