Adventures in DIY: Office Space Edition

This post may also be called, “Learn From My Mistakes: Laminate Furniture Edition.”

Alternatively: “Can’t Say No to Free Furniture: The Windy Taylor Story.”

My office was cleaning out a storage unit and my boss asked if I wanted this lovely example of mid-1990s office printer cabinetry:


I saw past the super-slick laminate surface, past the shiny brass handles, past its unassuming demeanor. That thing has some serious storage space, and I was just sure that with a little paint, some casters for mobility, and some new knobs, it would be a perfect storage piece for our sunroom.

Lesson #1: Do your own homework. Do not listen to the minimum-wage-making minion at the paint counter. She assured us that using the paint-and-primer in one would be “totally fine.” She told us we didn’t need to sand (although I did, lightly, on the top).

You can probably guess where this is going.

We taped. We painted. We gave it two coats of Martha Stewart’s Bay Leaf. It looked lovely. Then Jason put a screwdriver on top of the cabinet. When he picked it up, the paint came with it.


You remember that peel-off nailpolish that was really popular in the late 1980s? It was like that. It was also like the scene in action/adventure movies where the unassuming bystander pulls of his latex face to reveal that he is Tom Cruise. In short, it was a disaster. We pulled the paint off in big rubbery sheets and tried again.

Lesson #2: This woman is a genius. We sanded the top of the cabinet and put on two coats of the Zinsser primer all over, then two coats of the Bay Leaf. And then we held our collective breath.

It worked! We conquered the laminate beast! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Part of me wants… more. A stencil on the doors? Maybe something painted on the sides? Glaze? I don’t know. I’ll probably wait until it’s back in the sunroom to see what strikes my fancy.

Until then, we’re going to put our printer on it. For old time’s sake.

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3 responses to “Adventures in DIY: Office Space Edition

  1. Looks fantastic! Very entertaining story. Had to laugh out loud at your mention of the paint minion.

  2. Love stories like this! Thanks for sharing the good and the bad 🙂

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