The Lovely Bones

Over at the burnt-up house, interior demolition is DONE.

Someone offered me $20 to re-enact Xanadu up in here.

I’m still kind of amazed how cathartic the demolition phase has been. It’s like excising a tumor, or sloughing dead skin – I feel cleaner without all the dirty insulation and burnt can lights hanging from the ceiling. I expected to feel more loss with the interior of the house gone, like, “It may be dirty and smelly, but it’s MINE and you can’t HAVE IT.”

Well, you're still dirty and smelly. FOR NOW.

It’s funny, even after I describe the extent of the demolition, I still get asked, “So, are you still living there?”

Hello-lo-lo-lo? Echo-cho-cho!!

Um, no. Because mama hates camping and loves running water. Also electricity.

A wee bit drafty.

Tyler is somewhat disappointed that the house will not be staying like this. Every time we go he shows me his new superpower – walking through walls.

Well sure that's a neat trick, but it's terrible for hide-and-seek.



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3 responses to “The Lovely Bones

  1. Tonya

    I’m so excited for you that you will soon have a “like-new”house! Have to agree with Tyler though, the super powers ARE cool!

  2. Yo BFF

    I’m telling ya – you, me, some roller skates and all those new studs? MAGIC.

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