Nine weeks and five days after the fire that kinda-sorta destroyed our home, demolition has finally started.

When I went to pick up the mail at the burnt-up house and saw the almost-full Dumpsters, I almost wept from exhaustion and exhiliration. I felt as though all our stress, that we’ve been carrying around with us like an anchor, had been tossed in with the drywall.

That's not an athletic supporter. That means someone's been working.

Nine weeks and five days of waiting. Of watching our house, like a sick child, malinger. It’s like the fever finally broke and we can begin healing in earnest.

We have two Dumpsters. The other one is for drama.

The contractor did an astounding amount of work today. The entire kitchen has been ripped out, as well as the drywall in the dining room. The bedroom carpets are gone. Many of the doors and closet shelves are stored neatly in the sunroom.
Title: Jabba the Hut. Medium: Carpet Pad.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted. The hardest part is behind us. (Famous last words, right?)

This Dumpster relies on its sun-dappled camouflage color scheme to protect it from predators.



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