I’m working on a long post about our trip to New Orleans last week, which is the second vacation we’ve taken with all the kids. But first, a short story.

I have talked at length about WHY being a blended family can be hard (different rules, different expectations, etc.), but not as much as HOW it can be hard. And hoo, boy, sometimes it’s just so laughably juvenile and mind-bogglingly petty that it doesn’t seem worth the pixels to write about it.

On the other hand, I don’t want to mislead anyone that my attitude is awesome because things are easy. I have a good attitude because otherwise I would go insane. And this quick story is the perfect illustration of why:   

On Friday, we dropped the girls off with their mother, after driving all day from Louisiana. The exchange occurred in a church parking lot. As we were leaving, we came to a T-intersection in the parking lot at the same time the girls’ mother did. I waved for her to go ahead. She pulled up perpendicular to my car and stopped. She proceeded to roll down her window, shoot me her nastiest glare, roll her window back up, and drive on.

“Are you SERIOUS?” my mother asked from the passenger seat. “Did that just happen?”   

Sadly, she does this all. the. time. Every time I’ve been in the same space as her, she acts this nasty – staring and glaring and sulking. She puts an incredible amount of time and effort into trying to intimidate me, into hating me. And it’s such a waste.    

I think the clinical diagnosis is “failure to thrive as an adult.”


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