Free? Why, that’s my favorite word!

It all started with a bed. A white wicker day bed, to be precise. As a ten-year-old, I picked it out for my big-girl bedroom. When I left for college, my parents gave it to their next-door neighbors. And last week, the neighbors asked my mom if she wanted it back.

She didn’t – but my guest room was aaaaawwwwfully empty. My mom offered to rent a U-Haul trailer for us to take the bed away, and we agreed to drive over and get it last weekend.

That’s when things got fun. “Well, while you have the trailer…..” she’d say, “why don’t you also take (insert free furniture here)?”

Free! My favorite!

By the time we left Sunday morning, my husband had packed that trailer to the gills. When we got the loot home, we cleaned/polished/dusted/vacuumed everything in the garage (during a monstrous thunderstorm) and then moved it into our house.

Want to see?

First, the daybed that started it all, covered with a quilt I got for free at the storage facility where my stuff used to live:

The Day Bed of Infamy

 Next up, a pair of wingback chairs that were in my parents’ family room for years and years (and years), as well as a drop-leaf table:

Wingback Chairs

I literally saw these chairs every day for probably 12 years. And yet I never noticed that they don’t match. I mean, they’re upholstered in matching fabric, but the chairs are not identical. Watch:

Chair 1:

Chair 1

Chair 2:

Chair 2

They’re not even close. The wings on the second chair are much bigger, and the first chair has a T-cushion. I have decided that it’s quirky and I like it. These chairs will be recovered, because 1) they’re pushing 20 years old and 2) I abhor pink.

And then, MOAR chairs! This is an armchair/ottoman and a chaise. They used to sit in front of the fireplace in my parents’ bedroom. When I grow up, I will have a fireplace in my bedroom, too.


I kind of love the fabric, which is bright and fun and cheerful. But again, these chairs are elderly and will probably also be re-covered.


Don’t you want to curl up here with a good book? Or even a bad book?  

This lamp/table was my grandmother’s. The brass part will need to be polished several times, but is GORGEOUS. I tried to get a detail shot but failed.


My mom also gave us this occasional table, which has a handy shelf for oversize books and a drawer for treasures.


But wait! There’s more!

Mom’s across-the-street neighbors just took their oldest to college, and put his somewhat-battered-but-solid-wood desk out by the street. I snagged it, tossed it in the trailer, and now it lives in Tyler’s room, where it will patiently wait for me to repaint it and install new drawer pulls.


I’m so excited! Not only is our house coming together in spectacular fashion, I have a growing list of projects to tackle. And fabric to shop for… and paint to peruse… and brass to polish….


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