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Kid’s Bathroom Makeover

It all started with a nail hole.

Actually, that’s not fair. It all started when I moved into my house in the fall of 2007 and tossed several corroded 5-gallon buckets of dried-up yellow paint. It was not the disposing of the paint which was the problem, it was failing to write down the paint color information which led, lo these many years later, to being unable to touch up a simple filled-in nail hole.

Whoever lived in our house before us loved two things: yellow paint and wall anchors. Every wall in every room (except the kitchen) is the same color yellow. We are reasonably certain that the exterior paint is the same color yellow, although scientific testing has not been carried out. The previous owners were lazy painters, too – they painted without removing light fixtures, wallpaper border, or unused wall anchors.

Anywho, this was the kids’ bathroom:  

Yawn. The map shower curtain and towels came from Target, the hooks I have had since my first apartment in 2002, the bath mat was procured…somewhere. It wasn’t eye-bleeding terrible, but it definitely lacked coherence. Plus, the hooks were poking holes in the towels, thanks to over-enthusiastic use by the three kids.  So I decided to give the bathroom a mini-makeover, by first and foremost replacing the hooks with a proper towel bar and towel ring.  

Which brings us to the nail holes. When we removed the offending hooks, we also removed several old wall anchors, leaving nickel-sized holes in the wall. Eternally Patient Husband filled the holes and sanded them, and then we realized we had no touch-up paint. We scoured the house for a flake of paint big enough to take to the color match machine at Home Depot, but to no avail. We brought home every yellow that Home Depot carried – no match.

We were going to have to re-paint the bathroom. Ugh.

The fact that the house was on the market made it difficult, because the house is supposed to be sleek and impersonal, and I have never been described by either of those terms. I briefly considered going totally neutral – khaki walls, white waffle-weave shower curtain, plain white plates hung on the walls. But every khaki we chose looked hospital-like on the walls, and clashed with the kids’ towels.

(Sleek? No. Impersonal? Hardly. Adorable? Yes! From That’s Too Cute Boutique on Etsy)

We finally went with Behr’s Castle Stone, a color which I adore. And which, in these pictures, looks yellow. Sigh. I sprang for the best paint I could get, the $33.00 – a – gallon paint plus primer, and it was totally worth it. One coat and we were done!

I found these white plates at Goodwill for $1.99 apiece, and embellished them with vinyl decals from Grey Wolf Graphics Etsy store. I am thrilled with the way they turned out. I have a Thing for fat little birds.  

The final touch was a less-kid-like shower curtain, picked up from Target. I already had a white hand towel. And…. voila.

It feels fresher, cleaner, and less like a kids’ bathroom.


$33 Behr Paint + Primer
$9   Towel Ring  
$14 Towel Bar
$15 Shower Curtain
$6   Plates
$9   Decals

Total: $86.


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