Plugging In

One of my favorite quotes goes something like, “Today, when I throw out a musical birthday card, I am throwing away more computer power than existed in the whole world before 1959.”

I’ve always been a little wary of new technological toys. I got my first cell phone in 2002, after I graduated from college. I replace phones when they die (I’m on #3), and always get the free phone. I have never included text messaging in my 300-minutes-a-month plan, and I avoid texting at all costs (taptaptap, taptap, tap, taptaptap, grrr!). We didn’t buy an iPod until 2008, and are nowhere near filling it up. I’ve never downloaded an app or a podcast. I still read paper books.  

Jason and I don’t have cable, only the networks and PBS.  In the beginning, we couldn’t afford a big cable package, so we got the minimum. Now it’s just habit. I do miss some things – news channels, Mike Rowe, and Food Network, to name a few – but overall we’re just as happy without it. However, this is a source of much wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the children, whose other parents choose to pay hundreds of dollars for hundreds of cable channels. I’m not a militant anti-cable mom, although it does irritate me when kids spend all their free time motionless in front of the TV/Nintendo DS/computer.  At our house, the kids play outside, read books, watch movies, and play with Legos. Isn’t that just AWFUL? Doesn’t your heart just BREAK for them?

Sometimes, at dinner (which we eat at the table! together! without the TV on! HORRORS!), the kids will talk about recently-aired episodes of their favorite shows from Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. It’s quite a reminder that, even though they don’t get to watch much TV at our house, they’re still getting plenty of tube time. Especially when the 10-year-old makes a casual reference to Lindsay Lohan going to rehab. Yikes.

So it’s been somewhat of a surprise over the last few years to find myself burdened with an intense longing for a smartphone. Was I falling victim to slick marketing? Had I lost my near-analog cool? Would I really make good use of the features?

I waited.

I waited for the initial hype to die down. I waited for the bugs to be worked out. I waited for the price to come down. I did my homework – Android v. iPhone? Front-facing camera v. back-facing camera? Free apps v. paid apps?

When Verizon announced that it would be carrying the iPhone, Jason announced that he was going to buy one for me. And, bless him, he set his alarm for 2:50 a.m. yesterday and did just that. 

I guess they were right – good things DO come to those who wait.

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  1. Krista the awesome

    I’ve got your Mike Rowe right here. And beverages. You can get your fix any time. And for free!! LOL

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