Sniffle, sniffle, sniffle, HONK

I have started the new year with a cold. There are worse things, I suppose.

2010 ended with a lot of uncertainty for our family. Our house is still on the market (5 months and counting). Market conditions continued to deteriorate through December, but our Realtor assures us that things pick up in the spring. We spent a little money to install shutters and house numbers, and have painted the front door. I’ll post pictures when the weather clears.  New Year’s Resolution: Make peace with the real estate process.

Jason and I didn’t have any of the children for Christmas again this year, so we spent the holiday with my mother and brother. My mom and I get along, but my brother and I have always had a complicated and difficult relationship. This year I got smart and made plans of my own. I set up visits with several friends who I haven’t seen in a decade (or more!). Everyone was just….lovely. New Year’s Resolution: Be better at friend maintenance. Supplemental Resolution: Make peace with family situation.

Jason and his ex had a parental coordinator. At the end of September, the PC facilitated an agreement between Jason and his ex that changed the visitation schedule, and then she resigned. Jason now has 44% of the overnights. According to the law, he is entitled to a 65% reduction in his child support (due to a number of factors – he changed jobs and has to pay the kids’ health insurance, for example). However, he has encountered nothing but empty threats from her attorney, and delays in resolution. They had a hearing set for December 14, but the ex’s attorney canceled it the day before due to a doctor’s appointment. It’s now set for January 11. We may or may not have a final decision at that point, but at least the ball will be rolling.

Happy 2011.


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