It’s getting better, all the time…

This was taken Saturday, at Tyler’s first soccer game of the season. Now, both Hollyn and Jensen have expressed an interest in playing, although of course their mother refuses to let them.

Jason was talking to Jensen this morning about something, and referred to  Hollyn and Tyler as “the other ones.”

“You know, dad,” she said, “You can call them siblings.”

Jensen and Tyler have made the most progress. Tyler accidentally calls Jason “Dad” on a weekly basis, and Jensen accidentally called me “Mama” on Saturday. This could get her in trouble, because her mother specifically inserted a paragraph in Jason’s marital settlement agreement which forbids their children from ever referring to me as “mother,” “mom,” “mommy,” or the like.

I love this picture. Hollyn is trying to be the grownup, Jensen is just happy and dirty, and Tyler’s being weird. On the way to soccer practice on Friday, he told me that they’d been checking the fire alarms at school.

“How might you know there’s a fire, if the fire alarms weren’t working?” I asked.

“You wouldn’t,” he replied.

“You wouldn’t see flames?”


“You wouldn’t smell smoke?”

“No,” he said. “Everything would smell like bacon, and then you’d be dead.”


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