Camper is the mascot of Tyler’s kindergarten class. He is sent home with a different child each week, and the child is supposed to create a photo-narrative of the week with Camper.

Camper came to our house last week. Hooo, boy. It was very difficult to keep from photographing Camper next to a bottle of gin, or passed out on the bathroom floor, or getting a tattoo.

On Friday, Camper had lasagna with us.

Tyler thought this was an excellent way to carry camper around and show him the house. Have you ever seen a teddy bear throw up? I hadn’t either.

After all that, Camper needed coffee by Sunday morning. Mama shared.

Too many biscuits, Camper.


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  1. jgreif

    Do mascots work well for Tyler’s class? I teach French and just got an instructional manual on how to have a “Pooch Pal” in a foreign language class. I’m thinking of doing it with the two second-grade classes I’ll be teaching come late January. Now I just have to find a cute stuffed dog or two. Whaddaya think: do they have to be poodles?

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